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Piracy - The Facts

What are you really burning?

With the Australian film industry losing over $230m yearly, and illegal DVD’s almost equalling legal copies in circulation (47m vs 52m), film and TV piracy poses a real threat to our economy, jobs and the future of our films.

Australia’s film and television industry have united to launch the ‘What are you really burning?’ campaign, which challenges Australians to think about the damage being done to Australia’s film and television businesses by illegal file sharing and purchasing of pirated films and TV shows.

“We’re calling on people to stop and think before they accept a pirated DVD, or starting to download an illegal digital copy,” said Adrianne Pecotic, Executive Director of the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT), which is driving the broad-based campaign via the Intellectual Property Awareness Trust.

Piracy: The Facts
The jobs of close to 50,000 Australians employed by the film and television industries could be threatened by piracy.

Big Problem
An estimated one in four Australians have encountered or participated in some form of film and TV piracy.

Real Costs
Film and TV piracy rips more than $230 million out of the Australian economy each year. That’s almost the same amount as was invested in the production of local drama last year.

What's Being Done
Convictions for copyright theft almost doubled in 2005.

AFACT, the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft, is working closely with industry, government, police and customs authorities with the aim of ensuring jobs are safe, creativity and investment flourishes and audiences continue to enjoy choice.

AFACT works closely with industry, government, police and educational institutions to address copyright theft and protect the interests of the film and television industry as well as the interests of Australian film fans.

AFACT acts on behalf of the 50,000 Australians directly impacted by copyright theft including independent cinemas, video rental stores and film and television producers across the country. AFACT has its own antipiracy hotline: 1800 251 996.

For More Information Contact:
Australian Copyright Council -
AFACT, The Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft
Attorney-General's Department
Australasian Legal Information Institute
ComLaw, The Commonwealth of Australia Law

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